Flipkart Site Crashed! Know Why | Why Flipkart site is Crashed?

The “Big Billion Day” is one of Flipkart’s most significant annual sale events in India. It is a highly anticipated online shopping festival that offers customers a wide range of discounts, deals, and special offers across various product categories. But, it is a sad day for flipkart users as their site get crashed since 8:30 PM 7th October 2023.

Today flipkart started the BBD sale for their Prime members but unfortunately the site is crashed even before the day end. Many users on social media reported that they cannot open the site at all, some said they are getting 500 error on all of the pages. In addition to flipkart website their app is also not responding very well.

Flipkart Site Crashed | Why Flipkart Site is Crashed

One of very anticipated day of flipkart users is clearly becoming a dark day for flipkart because their site and app is in crash state. There could be a number reasons why flipkart site has crashed during the pre-launch of big billion day sale. Some of the common reasons for crashing an online shopping store are mentioned below:

  1. Server Overload: If the website experiences a sudden surge in traffic, the servers may become overloaded and unable to handle the increased load. This can lead to slow loading times or a complete crash.
  2. Software Bugs or Errors: Bugs or errors in the website’s code can cause it to crash. This might include coding mistakes, compatibility issues, or problems with updates.
  3. Database Issues: If the website relies on a database to store and retrieve information, database issues such as slow queries, database server failures, or data corruption can lead to crashes.
  4. Traffic Spikes: Large promotions, special events, or sudden viral popularity can result in an influx of visitors that the website infrastructure is not prepared to handle.
  5. DDoS Attacks: Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks involve overwhelming a website’s servers with traffic from multiple sources, causing them to become unavailable.
  6. Hosting Provider Problems: If the website is hosted by a third-party provider, issues on their end, such as server outages or maintenance, can affect the site’s availability.
  7. Network Issues: Problems with the network infrastructure, including issues with Content Delivery Networks (CDNs), can disrupt website access.
  8. Security Vulnerabilities: Security breaches or vulnerabilities can lead to website crashes, especially if attackers exploit weaknesses in the system.
  9. Software Updates: Sometimes, updates to the website’s software or plugins can introduce new issues or conflicts that lead to crashes.
  10. Resource Exhaustion: If the website consumes too many server resources, such as CPU or memory, it can become unresponsive and crash.

To resolve the issue and prevent future crashes, website administrators typically need to identify the specific cause of the problem. This may involve monitoring server logs, conducting performance testing, and applying software patches or updates as needed. Implementing load balancing, redundancy, and disaster recovery measures can also help prevent crashes during traffic spikes or server failures. Additionally, regular security audits and updates can help protect against security-related crashes.

For the case of flipkart website crash, we found out that their is an server issue occurred leading to which users are getting 500 error pages in their browser and app. We hope the flipkart site come back soon and we can enjoy the big billion day sale once again.

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