Exploring The Potential Of Web3: Sneak-peek into the Future

With technological advancements, you may think that everyone has access to digital services and the internet. But this is not the case in reality! Many cannot access the services in a true sense and we need more development in this area. Connect with Sign in to know more about the barcodes at: https://bitcodes-ai.com/. It is worth mentioning that Blockchain technology is narrowing these gaps.

It is an effective solution to this issue and everyone can use the mobile services without any hassle. The development of Web3 is advancing towards spreading in the Crypto space. With this, it has a high potential to become an important organ of the conventional telecom industry. Read this blog to find out more about the possibility of Web3 in the telecom space!

What Do The Reports Say About This?

You can check the validation of this aspect with some recent reports. The reports of the DappRadar industry show that last year, the Blockchain networks and Web3 outlets have managed to attract more active wallets. The number of such unique wallets rose to about 2.37 million in 2022. While in 2021 this number was around 1.58 million!

This huge increase shows that Web3 is capable of attracting unique digital wallets. Blockchain technology is now so popular that it is ready to enter the telecom market! The companies are also working towards building some fresh and unique projects. It will be interesting to watch what Web3 can offer this market and how beneficial it will be!

Helps In Reaching Fresh Audience Groups

The telecom market faces the major challenge of reaching its audience at an efficient cost. This is more prominent when the majority of the consumers are underprivileged!

Communication Facilities:

It is quite important to establish proper communication facilities in these areas. But achieving this goal is not that easy! In such cases, new technologies like Web3 come to the rescue. With a proper interconnection between the Blockchain network and Web3 outlet, firms can fulfil this aim.

Better Services:

Most telecom firms are starting to work with Web3 and decentralization networks. This will help them to bring better services to their users. The companies will be able to cut down the charges of mobile data, facilitating services at cheap rates.

Transferring Money:

Also, the users will be able to transfer money from their mobile. All these will be done with the aid of Crypto tokens and the Web3 platforms. Blockchain technology can reshape the entire system and services that telecom firms offer.

decentralized applications
decentralized applications

Virtual Identity Options:

With the help of Blockchain technology, users will be able to generate their digital identity. This will let them access all the telecom services without providing any conventional identification formats. Due to the presence of smart contracts, the system will save all your information. It will save much time and be an efficient way to store data!

Big Telecom Brands Are Switching To Web3

After learning the huge amount of benefits that Web3 and Blockchain networks can offer, many big brands are accepting them. These firms are generating products in the Web3 realm. A recent example of this case is that of the Emerald Group. This huge brand is curating a mix of different Web3 applications.

These apps will meet the telecom requirements of the entire underprivileged community. An application of this company will simplify the entire identification process while accessing telecom services. Because the traditional way requires you to sign certain contracts and visit physically. Also, you will have to provide bunches of other documents in the office.

With this Web3 application, the process will become much easier! There will be integrated smart contracts where you can find SSI consumer authentication. Besides that, EMG is also working towards building a super application. Here, you will be able to book a ride, order from your favourite restaurant, chat with your friends, and even make payments! You will get all these things in a single application and will be charged fewer data costs!


Web3 has a high potential to have an important position in the telecom market. Observing its wide range of benefits and efficiency, the companies in the telecom sector are approaching Web3. Apart from availing of the benefits, Web3 can also lead to the opening up of new market opportunities. Also, underprivileged communities will get access to services at a pretty low cost. To learn more about Crypto Trading, visit Bitcoin smart, the official trading website!

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