Download Southern Survival 2020 Netflix Original Series Full HD For FREE

Download Southern Survival, a Netflix Original series for free: Putting aside all the fantasy stories, Netflix is back with a reality show where the crew of BattlBox company tests the equipment in an extreme manner that is designed to save people from extreme conditions like an explosion, natural disaster or any accident and have fun doing it. This season has eight episodes namely, fire, escape, rescue, cutting edge, fear, hurricane, vacation survival, and disaster strikes.

In each episode, they come up with new gears and test it to its extreme in a very realistic manner to determine whether the product is good enough to send out to their customers. Southern Survival is not something like serious typical reality shows, and it is quite funny and enjoyable, which keeps you watching through. Download Southern Survival in HD for free just by following a few simple steps.

Download Southern Survival in HD for FREE

CEO Daniel Dabbs is the one who designs the tasks for the other three members of the group. Steves Jordan is like the indestructible muscle man of the group as he is assigned tasks like taking up demo roles, which require a considerable amount of strength. Brandon Currin, the “resident redneck survivalist,” is the funniest in the group, and I bet you can’t stop smiling when he’s there on the screen.

Do not get mistaken by the pretty face of Mikki as she is active as other guys while performing a task in the group, and she knows what and where to look for. They test equipment like a fire extinguisher, water survival kit, and many others in a way that you can even think of. For instance, in one episode, they wear a footgear that can resist the snake bites and test it while wearing it around a rattlesnake. There are many tasks like this, and to know more about it, download Southern Survival.

This series was shot adorably without missing any action, and the audience will definitely enjoy watching it. In this adventurous reality show, proper attention is paid towards the safety of the crew, and you should not try to imitate these actions at home.

How to Download Southern Survival in HD for Free

To download Southern Survival in Hindi, you can use torrent websites like Openload and Filmyzilla as they are known to leak the newly released movies just after their release or sometimes even before they are released. It is not safe to use these websites, but if you are still accessing it, make use of a VPN to protect your identity.

Instead, we would recommend that you use streaming services like Netflix to watch Southern Survival online for free. Here are some of the tricks to get a free Netflix premium subscription. For new users, it is a pretty simple task as all you have to do is enter your email ID, choose a suitable plan for yourself, and enter the details provided in your credit card. You’ll not be charged any amount before your free trial expires. Therefore make sure that you cancel the subscription before it expires.

Get a Netflix Premium subscription just for ₹ 5 by following the steps provided below:

  • Download Netflix application on your smartphone through Google Play Store.
  • Open the app and choose the setting option and then to the app setting.
  • Disconnect the internet connection and keep your phone in the airplane mode.
  • Select the option “Clear Cache and App Data” and close the application.
  • Reconnect the data on your mobile phone and then open the app.
  • You’ll find the free trial option again on your Netflix account, and if not, then repeat the steps 2-4.

If you have multiple email IDs, then you can use a PayPal account for the payment as they cannot record the number imprinted on your card, and hence you can use the same credit card every time you make payment.

Southern Survival Netflix Series Wiki

download Southern Survival in HD
download Southern Survival in HD

IMDb Rating: 5.7/10
Southen Survival is Also Known as Kit de supervivencia
Southen Survival Genre:
Reality Show
Southen Survival Season No.: 1
Southen Survival No. of Episodes: 8
Southen Survival Special Effects: Action Unlimited
Southen Survival Release Date:
3rd July 2020
Southen Survival Running Time: 25-32 minutes
Southen Survival Distributor: Netflix
Southen Survival Country of Origin: United States
Southen Survival Language: English


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We’ll recommend you to use streaming services like Netflix to download Southern Survival or any other movies and series by paying a minimal amount for subscription as compared to what you pay to visit throughout the year.

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