Download Ponmagal Vandhal Movie in HD For FREE

Download Ponmagal Vandhal in Full HD for Free – If you are a big fan of Tamil movies, then you might be interested in this one. Amazon Prime Video is back with a courtroom drama, Ponmagal Vandhal, which means “If the Golden Girl Comes.” A Jyotika & Suriya Production, which has Jyotika playing the lead role, is based on an old-forgotten case that involves kidnapping and brutal murder of a bunch of little girls. In this article, we’ll show you the way to download Ponmagal Vandhal in HD for free.

Download Ponmagal Vandhal in HD For Free

This movie gained a huge attraction because of its streaming on Amazon Prime as they didn’t want to delay the release further in this unpredictable situation. As the story unfolds, dark, ugly secrets are revealed, bringing a different side of honorable men. This movie is about all the common crimes in India, starting from sexual assault to corruption. This case shows that if you have money and power, you can quickly get away with your crime. Before you download Ponmagal Vandhal, there are some facts about this movie that you would like to know.

Venba, the lawyer(role played by Jyotika), is the voice of those victims who are carving for justice. Although the success of the film goes to Jyotika’s acting, it could have been much better if she showed some variation in her facial expression while expressing pain and sorrow. Making movies on such sensitive issues is essential, but a bit more focus should be there on the execution part. Anyways, the audience loved the film, and although it is not perfect, it’s worth watching. To know more, watch Ponmagal Vandhal online for free.

How to Download Ponmagal Vandhal in HD or Free

There are many websites like Filmyzilla, Fzmovies, Pirate Bay, which will leak the newly released movies within a week or even before their release and are available there on the site for free download. To download Ponmagal Vandhal in Hindi, we have another trick for you. 

  • Search for the “Index of Ponmagal Vandhal” in the web browser.
  • When you open up the first result, you’ll find many torrents as well as direct download links of Ponmagal Vandhal in a wide range of qualities.
  • To download Ponmagal Vandhal using torrent links, you will require software like BitTorrent and UTorrent, or else you can download the movie using the direct link, which is not much safe.

Talkjarvis does not suggest that you should use these methods. It’s just a piece of information that we wanted to share with the readers. We’ll recommend instead, you use the legal streaming services like Amazon Prime. The subscription cost is not much if you are a regular theatre visitor. But if you think that it is too much, then we have a great trick for you in which you can subscribe to the one year plan of Amazon Prime for just ₹49. Follow the steps that are given below:

Download Ponmagal Vandhal in HD
Download Ponmagal Vandhal in HD
  • Download the Vodafone app from the play store, open it, and choose the Prime Video section.
  • Also, download the Amazon Prime Video App.
  • Purchase Amazon Prime Membership(costs ₹499), and you will get a cashback of 250₹ in your pay amazon balance within 30 days of the payment.
  • Net spending till now = 499 – 250 = ₹249.
  • If you now recharge your amazon pay balance with ₹1000, then you will get a cashback of ₹200.
  • Net spending = 249-200 = ₹49

We hope that you liked our trick, and to know about more methods, you can refer to other articles like Blood & Water, White Lines.

Ponmagal Vandhal Wiki

index of Ponmagal Vandhal
index of Ponmagal Vandhal

IMDb Rating: 7.1/10
Ponmagal Vandhal Genre:  Courtroom Drama
Ponmagal Vandhal Release Date: 29th May 2020
Ponmagal Vandhal Written by J. J. Fredrick, Lakshmi Saravanakumar
Ponmagal Vandhal Directed by J. J. Fredrick
Ponmagal Vandhal Starring: Jyothika
Ponmagal VandhalEdited by Antony L. Ruben
Ponmagal Vandhal Cinematography T. Ramji
Ponmagal Vandhal Music by Govind Vasantha
Ponmagal Vandhal Art Direction by Amaran
Ponmagal Vandhal Produced by Suriya
Ponmagal Vandhal Production Company: 2D Entertainment
Ponmagal Vandhal Distributed by Amazon Prime Video
Ponmagal Vandhal Running Time: 2 hours
Country: India
Language: Tamil


We do not intend to promote piracy or forgery in our article. The sole purpose of publishing these articles is to provide factual information. You should know that torrenting is a punishable act. Not only uploading a torrent file but also using them to download copyrighted content is a criminal offense under the “copyright act of 1976”.

This activity is illegal as it causes an annual loss of around 2.8 Billion Dollars to the entertainment industry, which is enormous. If you are found using these sites for illegal downloads of video content, the government has a right to charge you. To download Ponmagal Vandhal in HD or to watch it online. We would recommend you use legal streaming websites like Amazon Prime, Netflix. This way, you will enjoy some excellent videos while being safe.

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