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Download Kissing Booth 2 Netflix Movie: After the depressing seasons of 13 Reasons Why, Netflix is back with a high school drama, but this time it doesn’t play with your mind. Kissing Booth 2 is the continuation of Kissing Booth, but it’s not necessary to watch the first one. There is too much going on this movie that it could have easily be converted into a series.

Ellie and Lee have rebuilt their friendship, accepting the fact that Ellie was dating his elder brother Noah an attractive hot-headed senior at her high school. The story begins with Noah heading out for Harward, 3000 miles away after spending a wonderful summer with Ellie. Now Ellie has to manage her tightly scheduled classes, new friends along with the long-distance relationship with Noah. Get to know the tricks to download Kissing Booth 2 in this article.

Download Kissing Booth 2 for Free in HD

To manage a long-term relationship is not as easy as it sounds. Perhaps the breaking apart is catalyzed by the negative talks all-around, especially with attractive people around. Ellie tries to avoid the neediness while indulging in activities like video gaming, hanging out friends mostly with Lee, and planning for the college. The relationship between Noah and Ellie is drifted apart when Noah is attracted to Chloe, a Beautiful British girl, and Ellie falls for her hunky classmate Marco.

Now when it’s time to apply for the college, instead of choosing Berkeley, which she had dreamed about with Lee, she decided to apply to Harward breaking the pact. The movie is not well-received by the critics with a poor rating of 29% by Rotten Tomatoes. Many problems could have been solved effortlessly, but they had to drag it to make it more dramatic. The performance of Joey King as Ellie is worth the appreciation and makes up for the flaws in the plot.

Jealousy, teenage romance, comedy, betrayal, drama can all be witnessed in this movie. For some, it may be a fantasy story, but for others, it’s just a predictable one. To know more about it, download Kissing Booth 2 for free in HD by following the tricks provided in the article.

How to Download Kissing Booth 2 in HD for Free?

You can download Kissing Booth 2 from torrent websites like Pirate Bay, Openload a site where you can find newly released movies with ease. We do not recommend these websites as they are illegal to access, and if you are still visiting those sites, make sure that you are using a VPN to protect your identity.

To watch Kissing Booth 2 online for free on Netflix, you just have to follow simple steps. If you are a new user, you can enjoy a one-month free trial offered by Netflix only by filling up your email ID and credit card details. They will not charge you any money until the trial is over.

If you have done that, then we have a simple trick for you to download Kissing Booth 2 for free. Get Netflix Premium Subscription for ₹5 by following the given steps:

  • Download the Netflix app on your smartphone using Google Play Store.
  • Disconnect the internet and keep your phone in airplane mode.
  • Open the application and go to the settings option and then to the app setting.
  • Select the “Clear Cache and App Data” option in the app and close it.
  • Turn on your internet connection and reopen the app, and you’ll find the free trial option in your Netflix account.
  • If it doesn’t appear on your Netflix account, then repeat steps 2-4.

To know about more tricks, refer to our articles on The Last Days of American Crime and Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich.

Kissing Booth 2 Netflix Series Wiki

download Kissing Booth 2 in HD
download Kissing Booth 2 in HD

IMDb Rating – 6.3/10
Rotten Tomatoes – 29%
Genre – Comedy, Romance
Release Date – 24th July 2020
Directed by Vince Marcello
Written by Vince Marcello, Beth Reekles, Jay S Arnold
Star Cast: Joey King, Joel Courtney, Jacob Elordi, Taylor Zakhar Perez, Molly Ringwald, Maisie Richardson-Sellers, Stephen Jennings, Meganne Young, Bianca Bosch, Carson White, Zandile-Izandi Madliwa, Camilla Wolfson, Sanda Shandu, Judd Krok, Hilton Pelser
Produced by Carl Beyer, Andrew Cole-Bulgin, Darren Cameron, Benjamin C. Dewey, Ed Glauser, Adam Friedlander, Joey King, Michele Weisler, Vince Marcello
Music by Patrick Kirst
Cinematography by
Anastas N. Michos
Film Editing by
Paul Millspaugh
Production Company:
Komixx Entertainment
Country: USA|UK
Language: English
Running Time: 2hr 10 min


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