How to Download HDFC Interest Certificate Online 2024?

Here we will see the full process to download HDFC Interest Certificate Online in 2024. In the age of digital finance, managing your accounts efficiently is essential, and HDFC Bank makes it seamless with its online features. If you’re an HDFC Bank account holder, this guide is tailor-made for you. Today, we’ll navigate through the process of downloading your HDFC Interest Certificate online. This document holds valuable information about the interest earned on your savings or deposits, crucial for various financial endeavors.

How to Download HDFC Interest Certificate Online 2024?

When it comes to securing your financial records, having your HDFC Interest Certificate readily accessible is a game-changer. Here, we’ll explore two simple methods to download it online.

Method 1: Through NetBanking

  1. Login to HDFC NetBanking using your Customer ID/User ID and Password/IPIN.
  2. On the account dashboard, click on the “Request” tab on the left side.
  3. Select “Download Interest Certificate” and then choose the account type – Savings or Current.
  4. Pick the financial year for which you need the certificate and hit the Download button.
  5. Your HDFC Interest Certificate PDF file will be downloaded promptly.

Method 2: Through Mobile Banking

  1. Open the HDFC mobile banking app on your smartphone.
  2. If not installed, download the app from the Play Store/AppStore.
  3. Register with your username/customer ID, password, and OTP received on your mobile number.
  4. Navigate to “Your Profile” > “Tax” > “Know taxes paid or deducted.”
  5. Select the financial year and tap on the Download button to save the file on your phone.

5 Reasons Why You Need an HDFC Interest Certificate:

  1. Tax Compliance: The interest certificate is crucial for filing your income tax returns, providing a detailed record of your earned interest.
  2. Loan Applications: Lenders often require proof of income, and your interest certificate serves as a testament to your financial health.
  3. Investment Planning: It helps in evaluating the performance of your investments and aids in future financial planning.
  4. Legal Documentation: In legal matters or financial disputes, having a documented record of your earned interest can be invaluable.
  5. Financial Transparency: The certificate offers a transparent view of your financial transactions, fostering a better understanding of your financial standing.

Are there any fees associated with obtaining an HDFC Interest Certificate?

No, HDFC Bank provides the service of downloading Interest Certificates free of charge. It’s a user-friendly feature designed to empower you with easy access to your financial records.

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How to Download HDFC FD Interest Certificate?

Whether you have fixed or recurring deposits with HDFC, obtaining your Interest Certificate is a straightforward process.

Via NetBanking:

  1. Login to NetBanking.
  2. Go to the “Request” tab and select “Interest Certificate Download.”
  3. Choose the type of certificate – Savings/Current or Deposits.
  4. Select the financial year and download the certificate.

Via Mobile Banking:

  1. Log in to Mobile Banking.
  2. Navigate to “Your Profile” > “Tax” > “TDS Summary & TDS Certificate.”
  3. Choose the financial year and view or download the certificate.

How to download it if I don’t have a net banking/mobile banking facility?

If you don’t have access to net banking or mobile banking, don’t worry. You can still obtain your Interest Certificate by visiting the nearest HDFC branch. The bank will assist you in getting the document either through email or a hard copy.

How to download the Balance certificate for the Current Account?

For those holding a current account with HDFC Bank, obtaining a Balance Certificate follows a similar process.

  1. Login to your account using your customer ID and password.
  2. Click on the “Request” option from the right menu.
  3. From the sub-menu, select “Download Balance Certificate.”
  4. Choose the current account and the financial year for viewing or downloading the balance certificate.


In the digital era, managing your finances is not just a necessity; it’s a responsibility. HDFC Bank, with its user-friendly online features, ensures that you have easy access to essential documents like the Interest Certificate. Downloading it online is not just a convenience; it’s a strategic move towards financial empowerment.

Unlock the potential of your financial insights today – Download HDFC Interest Certificate hassle-free and stay in control of your financial narrative.

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Q1: Can I download HDFC Interest Certificate for multiple accounts?

Yes, you can download Interest Certificates for multiple accounts by selecting the respective account number during the download process.

Q2: How frequently should I download my Interest Certificate?

It’s advisable to download your Interest Certificate at least once a year, especially during the tax filing season. However, you can access it whenever the need arises.

Q3: What if I encounter issues during the download process?

If you face any challenges while downloading your Interest Certificate, reach out to HDFC customer care for prompt assistance. They can guide you through the process or address any technical issues.

Q4: Is the HDFC Mobile App secure for financial transactions?

Yes, the HDFC Mobile App employs robust security measures to safeguard your financial information. Ensure you use a secure network and keep your login credentials confidential for added security.

Q5: Can I download a Balance Certificate for a closed current account?

No, you can only download a Balance Certificate for an active current account. If your account is closed, you may need to contact HDFC customer care or visit a branch for assistance.

Remember, your financial empowerment starts with a click – Download HDFC Interest Certificate today!

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