Download Betaal(2020) Web Series in Full HD For FREE

Download Betaal(2020) – An Original Netflix Series for FREE in HD: Are you bored of staying at home during this Quarantine period. If you are, then don’t worry at all! It is time to grab popcorn and a comfortable seat, especially if you are a fan of horror fiction, as Netflix has come up with its brand new series “Betaal.” In this article, we are gonna illustrate the ways to download Betaal web series in HD for free.

Betaal, which is now streaming on Netflix, is an Indian web series, which is about a tribal village Nilja, which is portrayed as a battlefield between ‘Betaal,’ a British Indian Army officer with his regiment of zombies and Indian Army. The main aim of the military officers is to clear the obstacle which is stopping civilization. Before knowing the way to download Betaal(2020), there are somethings that you should know before watching it so that you can get a better idea about the web series.

Betaal(2020), which is a production of the Blumhouse Productions and Red Chillies Entertainment, the makers of “Bard of Blood,” “Get Out” & “Ghoul” is a story of the villagers who carries a secret with them, about the closed cave of the mountain called ‘Betaal’ which stands between the living and the dead.

It is believed that the soldiers of the East India Company were buried in this tunnel during the Indian revolt of 1857. Now, the Surya Corporation, a private company, wants to break the gate and clear it for the construction of Highway. As the story unfolds over time, many secrets are also revealed, and the task of the Indian Army, which seemed pretty easy at the beginning, is becoming a life-threatening mission.

How to Download Betaal in HD For FREE

Many websites like Openload, Movierulz, and Pirate Bay have leaked “Betaal” even before its release and is available there for you to watch. But, we do not encourage torrenting from these websites here as it is illegal and risky, and we will recommend you to watch it legally on Netflix.

First of all, I love the way Netflix has structured its subscription plans as it is quite flexible for its users, i.e., they have to pay according to their needs. If you don’t know about its plans, don’t worry, we are there to tell you. Netflix offers you four types of subscription namely, “Mobile-only plan”(₹199 per month), “Basic Plan”(₹499 per month), “Standard Plan”(₹649 per month), and “Premium Plan”(₹799 per month). Let us see what the difference between these plans is.

Download Betaal in HD
Download Betaal in HD

The Mobile-Only Plan

Well! as per the name, you can access the Netflix content only through your smartphone and cannot access it on a big screen.

The Basic Plan

This has a little advantage over the Mobile-only plan as using the basic plan, you can access the Netflix content over any screen but only one at a time.

The Standard Plan

Subscribing to this plan will help you log in to the Netflix account on two screens simultaneously, i.e., at a single time, you can access its content in 2 different screens of any size.

The Premium Plan

Premium Plan will allow you to access the entire Netflix library as well as its features on four different screens simultaneously of any size. You can subscribe to it with your friends and that way you will save a lot of money.

You might be thinking that using Netflix to watch or download Betaal(2020) is not going to be free. So don’t worry about it as we have a small trick for you guys to get the Netflix premium subscription for just 5₹. And to get an almost free subscription, you have to follow some of the steps which are given below.

Step-1: First of all, download the Netflix app from the play store if you haven’t downloaded it yet.
Step-2: If you are a new user, then go for the 30 days free trial option on the app, and if you have already exhausted this feature, go to the Try it now option.
Step-3: Turn off your mobile data and then put the phone in the airplane mode.
Step-4: Go to the settings, then to the app settings, and choose “Clear Cache & Data of Netflix Application.”
Step-5: Now, turn on your mobile data, then open the Netflix application.

You’ll get back the 30 days free trial option and if not, then repeat the steps 3 to step 5. You can use this trick to download the Betaal web series in HD for free.

Betaal(2020) Wiki

IMDb Rating: 6.2/10

Release Date: 24th May 2020

download betaal(2020)
download betaal(2020)

Genre: Horror, Action Thriller
No. of seasons: 1

No of Episode: 4
Betaal Origin of Country: India

Original Language: Hindi
Betaal Original Network: Netflix
Betaal Written by Patrick Graham, Suhani Kanwar
Betaal Created by Patrick Graham
Betaal Directed by Patrick Graham, Nikhil Mahajan
Betaal Starring: Vineet Kumar Singh, Suchitra Pillai, Ahana Kumra
Betaal Composers: Benedict Taylor, Naren Chandavarkar
Betaal Producers: Gauri Khan, Gaurav Verma
Betaal Cinematography: Tanay Satam, Shrinivas Achary
Betaal Editors: Sangeeth Varghese, Abhijit Deshpande
Running Time: 45-49 minutes
Production Company: Red Chillies Entertainment, Blumhouse Productions, SK Global Entertainment


Talkjarvis do not promote any kind of illegal activities like piracy and forgery here. Our sole purpose in publishing this article is for the sake of information, and we encourage only legal ways to download Betaal(2020). Freebooting is a punishable offense under the “Copyright Act of 1976,” and if you are caught using these illegal websites, you will be penalized.

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