Different Types of Psychometric Tests

Psychometric tests are often used by the companies to measure the variety of skills of the candidate on deciding whether or not to select someone. The companies took various tests to understand the mental stamina of a person. The main reason for testing is to see how well the candidate can screen the things and their opinions on various topic that matters the most. If the company is into sales then, they would be more interested in knowing the sales pitch from the candidate. The company takes as many tests as possible to assure that they have picked the right candidate for the right job. They don’t want to take any risk that leads to wastage of time, money, and effort in training. 

Thus, the process of the psychometric test takes a long time to judge the candidate. The mental ability, knowledge, and behavior of the candidate are judged throughout the process. So, different types of psychometric tests can be prepared from Mettl, as one of the best service providers. These are:-

Numerical reasoning-

Numerical reasoning tests assess the candidate’s ability to solve the quantitative data and draw out the conclusion from it. It requires strong mental stamina to compete with the timing. Such a psychometric evaluation tests the competency of the candidate.

Verbal reasoning-

Most of the companies use verbal reasoning tests to assess the candidate’s ability to understand the passage. The candidate is provided with a written passage and then, they have to make their choice based on the option given. This will show how the candidate interprets the things.

Inductive reasoning-

Inductive reasoning is the other crucial test used by companies in their recruiting process. The different figure pattern is highlighted in the question by which the candidate has to guess for the next figure. This test assesses the thinking and logic of the candidate, how well they can be creative.

Diagrammatic reasoning-

Diagrammatic reasoning is used in assessing the candidate’s ability in decision making and problem-solving. The company uses this test at the start of the recruitment process or in the later stages. The performance of the candidate matters the most in the hiring process.

Technical tests-

This test meant for those skilled or unskilled technicians, mechanics, machine operators to check their technical skills. This test indicates the aptitude for technical skills. The candidate must be mentally strong enough to pass this test.

Concentration tests-

Concentration tests require focus and attention, no matter what is going around the world. This test will assess the candidate’s focus on a task and how well he can hold attention without any distractions. This will assure that the candidate has a clear vision and mission in his life. Thus, indicates his positive presence in the company.

Most companies select those candidates who know what they want to achieve in their life and are ambitious in fulfilling those objectives.

Situation judgment test-

Situation judgment test is appropriate for the companies to judge the mental strength of the candidate. The question has given where the candidate has to choose the right answer among various options. All options are closely related to each other. The candidate has to guess the top most effective course of option.

Error checking test-

This test judges the speed and accuracy of the candidate to solve a particular question. The questions under error checking test contain codes or other alphanumeric characters. The candidate has to find the error among the various options. It is one of the easy tests out of all psychometric evaluation. The candidate must be capable enough to compete the time and speed up to complete all the questions.

E-tray exercises-

The E-tray exercises help the assessor to gauge the managerial ability of a candidate. It is a computer-based activity where the candidate has to read and respond to the Emails. It will help the candidate to get familiar with the work of the company and the skills required. The main purpose of this task is to be more efficiently respond to the emails and giving priority to the important ones.

Gamified assessments-

Game-based assessment is the other test of psychometric that offers a better candidate experience. The candidate is provided with the tasks that they will face in their daily routine. This will make them strong and clear what the company does. The candidate must try to stay focused and dedicated to their job.

Personality questionnaire-

Personality assessment focuses on the five traits i.e. introvert, extrovert, openness, agreeableness, and neuroticism. The candidates are judged based on these five traits. Every company has different wants from the candidate but most important they want openness and extrovert at the same time to influence the customers. The companies try to avoid stereotypical personalities. So, the candidates need to know what the company is what type of candidates they are looking for to fit in their working environment.

Spatial reasoning-

All you need is a practice to outstand the test. The spatial reasoning test is not as difficult as one thinks. The concept of this test is simple and clear. In the recruiting process, along with the aptitude test, a spatial reasoning test is included. The candidate has to be pro in guessing the figures. The x,y,z symbols were placed on a picture and the candidate has to guess the shape. This requires time but the candidate’s mental ability is challenged. Thus, one must practice improving their performance.

The last words,

Most of the recruiting jobs end up taking an aptitude test to gauge the candidate’s ability and skills to think and make decisions. Every company wants to be sure of selecting the right candidate and does not want to waste their time on unskilled candidates. The psychometric test helps the assessor to assess the candidate’s ability in various situations. 

The candidate must know about these tests to make themselves prepared for the better. It is the first step for their dream job.

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