Different Types Of HBOT Chambers 2023

All hyperbaric oxygen chambers are designed to do one thing – promote healing and wellness in a natural way. In addition, all HBOT chambers may share similar features. But, you must understand that HBOT chambers are of different types. Do you have a hard time distinguishing the various HBOT chamber types?

This post is just for you. Going through this post, you will learn the different categorizations of HBOT chambers. After reading, you will be more informed on the different HBOT chamber types. We will discuss the various classes by proffering answers to a few common FAQs.

What Are The Different HBOT Chamber Types?

There are different types of HBOT chambers. We have the monoplace and multi-place chambers. We also have soft and hard HBOT chambers. Those are the basic groupings of HBOT chambers. We will elaborate on the monoplace and multi-place chambers as we progress in the article. The difference between soft chambers and hard chambers will equally be looked at. With the right knowledge, you are sure of making the right decision.

Monoplace HBOT Chambers

Monoplace HBOT chambers are designed to fit one person at a time. They come with basically all the features any standard HBOT chamber should have. Monoplace HBOT chambers are easy to install and operate and are ideal for home use, spas, salons, and therapy centres.

Anyone who is comfortable undergoing HBOT without any supervision would love monoplace chambers. If you also prefer to have some quiet time inside the chamber, then monoplace chambers will make a great choice for you.

benefits of hyperbaric chamber
benefits of hyperbaric chamber

Multiplace HBOT Chambers

Multiplace HBOT chambers are not so different from the one mentioned above considering the features they have. The major difference they have with the above HBOT chamber is that they can accommodate multiple persons at a time. Multiplace chambers are mostly found in hospitals, spas, wellness centers, fitness centers, and others.

You can also get them for home use if you like. Multiplace chambers are mostly ideal for users who need supervision. Aged people and children can use multi-place chambers. It is a perfect option for families that want to spend time inside the HBOT unit together.

Soft HBOT Chambers

Soft HBOT chambers are designed to supply oxygen to users when it is needed. Soft hyperbaric oxygen chambers can deliver 24% oxygen to users. They are mostly used by mountaineers and divers. Soft HBOT chambers are not designed to facilitate healing. Divers use them to supplement their oxygen supply when they dive to depths where pressure is very high and the oxygen supply is low.

Soft HBOT chambers are extremely portable and not really meant for treatment.

Hard HBOT Chambers

This type of hyperbaric chamber is what you should be looking for. Hard HBOT chambers do not just supply oxygen but also ensure healing and wellness for users. These sorts of HBOT chambers deliver 100% oxygen to users.

Hard chambers exist in monoplace and have multiple variations. There are many benefits you stand to enjoy when you get yourself a hard HBOT chamber.

hyperbaric oxygen chamber
hyperbaric oxygen chamber

For Healing Of Wounds

One of the most remarkable benefits of HBOT chambers is their ability to speed up the healing of wounds. The 100% oxygen supplied by HBOT chambers helps to revive dead body tissues faster. It helps to speed up the body’s natural healing process. It does that by making sure there is more blood oxygen around the affected areas.

The effect is the same if you are using it to manage an illness.HBOT chambers reduce swellings around injured parts of the body. Apart from healing wounds, there are other healing benefits of using HBOT chambers.

Cost of HBOT Chambers

The two main types of HBOT chambers are monoplace and multi-place chambers. HBOT chambers’ costs differ according to the chamber you are buying. Monoplace HBOT chambers don’t cost as much as their multiple counterparts.OxyHelp has a variety of monoplace chambers with different designs. You can check their platform to see the one you can afford.

There are other HBOT brands you can also consider when looking for affordable hyperbaric oxygen chambers. I’ll also like to state here that all HBOT chambers are worth every cent you spend on them. It does not really matter how much you spend to purchase yours. The most important thing is that it guarantees wellness. That is what matters.

which is better hard or soft hyperbaric chamber
which is a better hard or soft hyperbaric chamber

Potential Risks With Different Chambers

There has been a bit of confusion regarding the different HBOT chambers and the risks involved in using them. There are mild side effects that come with using HBOT chambers. Whether you are using the monoplace or multiple chambers, the effect is the same. Side effects linked to pressure changes are the most common.

Experiences like affected ear drums and lightheadedness are some of the common side effects. Change of vision has also been reported among HBOT users as well. However, let’s not forget that these are minor side effects. For instance, the lightheadedness normally wears off when the user is done not long after the user is done with the session.

Therefore, potential HBOT users are advised to discuss this with their medical advisors before undergoing any HBOT session. Some of the side effects experienced have been traced to users’ failure to follow the required instructions. In other words, if you use the system accurately, you don’t have any side effects to be worried about.


Knowing the different types of HBOT chambers is key to getting the best hyperbaric oxygen system. It is essentially important that you purchase an HBOT system that meets your needs. This post has explained the various types of HBOT chambers along with their different costs. We specifically talked about monoplace and multi-place chambers and also brushed a little on soft and hard HBOT chambers. OxyHelp HBOT chambers are safe to use and affordable. If you seek the best hyperbaric chambers, you can begin by searching their website. There are other reputable brands you can also consider.

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