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Hello, folks many times we have to work on two tabs at the same time while using the Chrome browser. But many people didn’t know how it is possible. Therefore to solve your problem here I’m with an interesting post-Chrome Extension To Resize Your Tabs. Here I will discuss a chrome extension by which you can easily resize your tabs. I think after this full article resizing tabs will be on your fingertips.

Chrome Extension To Resize Your Tabs – Many times we have to work on two or more opened tabs at the same time, but we don’t know that we can do this quickly in a part of a second. Therefore I’m here to give you a trick by which you can resize your tabs easily and quickly. Just follow the below steps and that’s it.

The chrome extension of which we will discuss in this post is Tab Resize – split screen layouts. This is a very good extension offered by Peter Shin. This extension is owned by about 660,993 users and has a rating of 4.2. By using this cool chrome extension you can easily resize your opened tabs. Now we will see the process to add this extension to chrome.

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Steps To Add Tab Resize Extension In Chrome

These are some easy steps by which you can add tab resize extension In chrome:-

  • Open Your Chrome Browser.
  • Go to the Chrome Web Store.
  • Search for Tab Resize extension.
  • Click On the Tab Resize extension Box.
  • Click on the Button Add to Chrome.

After that, this extension will automatically be added to your chrome browser. Now you can see the small icon of Tab Resize in the side of the Search Box.

Now we will see how to use this extension to split your screen quickly.

Steps To Use Tab Resize Quickly

Follow the below steps to use it quickly while doing another work:-

  • When you are working and you want to split the screen. Then Simply click on the icon of Tab Resize.
  • After that choose the layout in which you want to split your tabs and that’s it. Your screen will be split in your desired layout.

There is also an option in this extension to split the screen in your own layout. To make your own layout click on the extension icon and hit the plus sign which is present below the sample layouts. After that a box will open in which it asks for the no. of rows and no. of columns of your layout, fill the fields and hit the save button. After saving you will see your own designed layout of tab resize in the section of layouts.

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