How To Choose The Right Web Hosting?

Choosing the best web hosting plan is not easy. There are many companies that guarantee 99.99% uptime and certain other game-changing features. However, these are the standard details and options offered by all companies. The only thing that separates different hosting types is the way they are configured and the way they work related to your site and the internet. Before selecting a web hosting agency, keep the following things in mind:

Choosing the Right Web Hosting Type


How many users are visiting your site? The scalable option helps sites to grow and expand in order to adjust the growing visitors for a website. Small hosting plans don’t suffice for large sites. If you want to expand your hosting space, you will have to move your site to a large hosting account and have it reconfigured by a professional.


Do you require encryption for your site? Well, in case you are collecting emails and visitor information, the answer is in the affirmative. But if you have a site that doesn’t deal with confidential data then there is no need for added security. However, if you still choose encryption and security, know that google loves promoting safe and secure sites over the internet.

Content Management System Type

The type of CMS you use also matters since hosting companies cater to certain CMS. Some hosting companies provide hosting plans for websites developed through WordPress and Drupal.

Email Hosting

Does your hosting plan includes email solutions or would you require a separate service such as Google Apps or Microsoft 365 for email? Do your research so you can have a clear mind when selecting a hosting plan.

Continuous Maintenance

Hosting companies make it easy to manage your hosting account. Get in touch with web professionals for web and hosting maintenance so you don’t have to run into problems over time.

Different Types of Web Hosting

Shared Web Hosting

Shared hostings are one of the most common web hosting types. It is even available for free. In shared hosting, your site sits on a shared server computer with the other hosting companies to make the yearly hosting cost as little as $5 per month. It is a good option for sites with limited traffic. However, it can be troublesome in the case of scalability.

VPS Hosting

Virtual Private Server or VPS hosting is the best option for medium to large sites. Select this option when looking for custom server configurations at affordable rates. In this case, the site is sharing a server with other sites but operates through its own independent virtual computer. VPS is a bit expensive compared to the dedicated hosting discussed above. However, it is easy to scale and upgrade since it is all about a virtual server instead of a physical one.

Cloud/Container Hosting

Cloud hosting is the new entry in the web hosting types. It is a reasonable hosting option with quality, scalability, and security guaranteed. The website is inside the hosting container known as the cloud and is maintained by the hosting company. You only have to focus on upgrading your site. This makes it a popular choice among many.

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting is quite like a VPS hosting when it comes to the technical and maintenance requirements. However, in dedicated hosting, you need to pay for the physical and associated infrastructure. It offers high-quality performance for your site and is also scalable for a sudden influx of visitors. In short, it works well for medium-sized websites.

What do you need to consider?

You need to base your decision on the cost of ownership and maintenance of your website. Always consult with web professionals to select the best web hosting type. But, one thing should be in mind that there is no one hosting solution that caters to all your web needs.

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