How to Check HDFC Debit Card Status?

Hello there, we are again here to solve your one more query about How anyone can Check HDFC Debit Card Status. Many people find it difficult to check HDFC Debit Card Status by any method. So we are here to give a detailed explanation of this thing in the simplest way possible. Just stick with the post and at last, your work will be done automatically at zero tension.

Several times we come in a situation where we have to apply HDFC Debit card because our old debit card was misplaced. But after applying for a new card by using HDFC net banking or a mobile app. We find it very difficult to find the latest status of our HDFC card. But this feature to check HDFC Debit Card Status was given by HDFC bank very early, just many people don’t know the right way to get the status. So Talkjarvis is here to solve this query of yours in the best and simplest way.

The great thing is that HDFC provides both online and offline ways for their customer to get their debit card status. Below we have discussed both online and offline methods to Check HDFC Debit Card Status. Choose the option at your convenience.

How to Check HDFC Debit Card Status Online?

There are many ways to check HDFC debit card status. Following are those one by one. You must note that by all the following methods you can only check the status of cards that are linked to that account number only. You can see different

1. Through HDFC NetBanking

  • Login to your HDFC account through the HDFC Netbanking portal.
  • Navigate to the Cards section from the left menu.
HDFC Debit Card Status Netbanking
HDFC Debit Card Status Netbanking
  • Now go to Debit card status. You will find this option in the lower part below the Request Option. Click on it.
  • In this window, you can check your active HDFC debit card’s recent status with its last 4 digits.
  • If you want to check the status of your inactive cards, then just click on and you are done with your steps. On the screen, you will get your desired information.
  • This is the whole steps to check HDFC Debit Card Status Online through netbanking.

2. Through the HDFC Mobile App

  • First of all, open your HDFC banking mobile application.
  • Click on the top left corner and choose the Pay option.
  • From the list click the Cards section.
Check HDFC Debit Card Status Mobile App
Check HDFC Debit Card Status Mobile App
  • The window opens so that you can see clearly the HDFC debit cards associated with your bank account.
  • There you will get the “Show Inactive Cards” option. Click on that to see your recent debit card status.

3. Through HDFC Helpline Number

  • If you want to do this task through helpline number.
  • Then open the calling app and dial 18002026161 – HDFC customer care number.
  • Choose the required option from the keypad to talk with any executive.
  • Tell him to check your latest HDFC debit card status.
  • He or She will check and convey the same to you. If you don’t use applications or net banking, then you can choose this option to get the status.

How to Check HDFC Debit Card Status Offline?

hdfc ltd and hdfc bank merger
HDFC bank

If you want to get the latest information about your debit card then you can follow the steps to get the latest status of your HDFC debit card:-

  • Go to your nearest HDFC bank. If you don’t know about your nearest HDFC bank, then you can use the HDFC locater option available on the HDFC website.
  • Visit the General help counter and get information on where exactly you have to go to get the latest information about your HDFC debit card.
  • Visit that desk and ask for your HDFC debit card status.
  • They may ask for your account number or mobile number linked to your bank account. Give them the required information and you will get the information easily.
  • This method is also for those who don’t use HDFC mobile app or net banking.

Final Words

We hope you find this guiding article helpful and that you got your HDFC debit card status. If the answer is yes then share your experience below in the “talking box”. Otherwise, If you still have any problem then the comment box is all yours. Leave your query there and our experts will try to resolve your query as soon as possible.

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