Bitcoin Loses Its Golden Stature

The world was certainly not prepared and the chances of introducing the digital ecosystem to the incumbent traditional systems were also quite slim. Yet, Bitcoin was introduced with full force taking the world off guard and it marked the beginning of a new world that solely operated on internet connectivity. Industries operating in the different sections of an economy started recognizing the unfathomable opportunities that Bitcoin had in store for them. Millions of investors flocked towards this disruptive yet aerodynamic technology that was way ahead of its time. For more information visit website

All the major proponents of Bitcoin could already see what was coming and they kept pushing their vision to an unchartered territory that continues to defy odds today. However, every great thing meets its hardest times sooner later. It was somehow inevitable and analysts could see the threat seeping in from far off. Does that mean Bitcoin is losing its relevance? Does this mean that all the allegations that Bitcoin used to be subjected to on a daily basis are finally coming to their fruition? What does the future entail for Bitcoin? The recent war waged by Russia on Ukraine will make dethrone Bitcoin it’s from the golden statue? Well, all these pressing questions will be addressed by Bitcoin Era which will help you to understand the matter closely. 

What does the future hold?

Bitcoin paved the way for thousands of cryptocurrencies to surface in the digital domain and make lives simpler and hassle-free for customers all around the world. This marked the emergence of a plethora of altcoins that are even giving stiff competition to Bitcoin ever since they came into existence. This also made it easier for NFTs to claim their significant market share in the digital domain and they continue to serve as a much-coveted haven for the entire music industry & collectables.


The smart contract also made significant headlines with its ease-of-use characteristics that helped all the active users to make the most of their online transactions. In addition to this, Metaverse is also gaining significant grounds lately that is about to claim its share which will certainly not in a small volume.

Incessant efforts to make the virtual world a permanent residence for millions of active users might sound a little scary but people are desperately waiting for such a scenario to come into existence with full throttle. Web 3.0 is yet another major advancement that aims to elevate the user experience by providing them higher transparency & scalability.

Bitter Truth

The outright war that broke out between Russia & Ukraine thrashed the Bitcoin prices quite radically. There lies a bitter truth for cryptocurrencies as their prices continued to dwindle. Major players who have favoured the advent & proliferation of cryptocurrencies have their respective opinions and prominent stakeholders like “Vitalik Buterin” took to social media to express his grief on the latest turn of dire events.

He was certainly shocked & appalled by the decision that was made by Russia to attack Ukraine. He condemned Putin’s denial of peaceful solutions that cost millions of people their valuable savings all over the world. He was quite vocal about the flawed decisions that Russia made to prove their grandiose display of power to the unsuspecting world.

Unwarranted Reactions

Analysts had already made the prediction the forthcoming days certainly do not look very good if you are one of the investors of Bitcoin or actively participate in the crypto industry. The prices were significantly hit and people were quick enough to make their blunt & bold statements against the misconstrued Russians. The entire conversation on store-of-value, digital gold, inflation hedge, and liquidity went nowhere and the common man is bearing the brunt of a needless war that no one wanted.

Bleak future of the Crypto industry? 

Will restrictions & sanctions budge Russia? I highly doubt that as such sanctions didn’t even flinch this mammoth of a country that knows no bounds. Immediate sanctions by a plethora of western countries on Russia did not yield any significant results which are why the situation is way worse than anyone could have imagined. Russia is also expected to use cryptocurrency to counter the sanctions imposed by such western countries. Well, only time will tell if crypto will manage to survive amid the ongoing chaos.

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