Get an Assault Air Bike to Hit Your Fitness Goals at Home This Year

With social distancing requirements and gyms being closed or operating at limited hours due to the pandemic, many are staying indoors to reach their fitness goals. Whether you are new to fitness or have been working out for some time now, you might be looking to invest in some gym equipment for your home.

You might be familiar with the common treadmill or rowing machine, but nowadays, assault air bikes are growing in popularity due to their cardio and conditioning benefits. You might be wondering, what exactly makes them special and different?

Continue reading to learn more about it and why it will be the perfect addition to your home gym during the pandemic!

Get Cardio and Conditioning in One

Gym equipment does not come cheap, so you naturally want to invest in one that will give you the most utility and benefits. The assault air bike is the ideal companion for anyone, regardless of their fitness goals, as it is extremely versatile.

Depending on your chosen intensity, you can easily get a light cardio or hardcore strength training workout from it. On top of that, the bike can also be used for metabolic conditioning to improve your aerobic capacity while maintaining your muscle mass.

The continuous pedaling movement allows your lungs and heart to get enough oxygen while exercising.

Low Impact Exercises for Injuries

Another advantage to using assault air bikes is that you can still exercise safely even if you are injured and need to take a step back. Traditional cardio workouts like running and rowing are often unideal when recovering from an injury, so the bike provides a safe alternative.

It allows you to minimize the impact on your joints while still burning calories to help you hit your targets. This benefit will be particularly useful for athletes and other fitness enthusiasts as the bike can come in handy at all times.

Since you can exercise without putting impact on your injured area, it can also be a great tool for rehabilitation to move the area and provide blood circulation.

Boost Mental Stamina

Assault air bikes are perfect for building your stamina not just physically but also mentally. You may think that it is easy to use, but once you step on the bike and start pedaling, you will realize how much harder it actually is.

This is particularly true if you challenge yourself to do higher-intensity workouts. Given that, the bike helps test your mental stamina as you learn to stay positive amid the pain and difficulty.

It is normal to want to give up when starting out, but pushing yourself will help you become more disciplined with your routine. That said, remember not to push yourself too hard–it pays to challenge your body, but not to the point that you overexert it.

Ergonomic Comfort

Ergonomics might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of fitness equipment. However, this is extremely important to avoid injury and maximize comfort. With assault air bikes, you can adjust your seat height to stay comfortable throughout the workout.

Most machines are pre-designed in a certain way, so they do not come with this perk. Additionally, you can adjust the bike’s resistance and positioning to boost performance while using the bike.

You might think that these controls are merely for controlling the intensity, but you will be surprised to see how the slightest changes can change your overall performance.

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