Are You An Attentive Parent For Your Child’s Online Activities?

Do you find it difficult to manage kid’s online activities? If yes, then, child tracker app is your savior to balance your child’s digital tasks.

Parents are aware of the online hazards like sexting, bullying, and pornography, and they may think that as long as their children’s digital life is safe, they should not worry about their online activities Unless the child faces any setback, parents may not find any need to control kid’s online activities. But, the scenario is actually turning the table.

It is rightly coined, ‘precaution is better than cure.’ You may think -, ‘but my son could never….” and imagine the situation thereafter. Teens may cover up their internet tasks, despite our trust or rules set on them, Today’s kids easily trick their parents.

Don’t get panic! We are gonna share a few things that will make you and your kids understand the importance of prying a child’s digital tasks.

Kids Do Not Share Everything

Parents may set deliberate ground rules about online activities and can prohibit excess usage of specific applications. And, you are not going to follow your children’s online activities, when they already agreed to your regulations. Things may seem fine. 

One of the high school teachers  conducted a little survey for this article, and her outcomes say, ‘out of 85 surveyed students, 70 students keep their social media life secret from parents

They also end the sentence saying, “What my mom and dad don’t know about social media is…”. Few of their responses include:

  • To buy drugs
  • Lots of bare videos and entertainment
  • To talk with stalkers and child molesters (they may not be aware of such terms)
  • To access social media till 3.00 in the morning
  • Bullying gives happiness (they bullied other children)
  • To create a secretive or fake account to stay in touch with predators, etc

Are you sure that your child will not answer the same way?

Children Can Easily Learn About Nooky Relations 

YouTube videos are uncensored, and thus, children can access and grab the sexual attention.

Well, these videos are made by doctors to teach people about corresponding relations. Social media sites will share these kinds of in-depth content and  your child may watch, share or come across such videos 

However, you must know what is happening with your child’s digital world, especially when such types of numerous web material is easily accessible on the internet. Keep a watch and stay vigilant.

It’s Not Just Adult Content:

Not just pornography lure kids, there are infinite ways on digital platforms to tempt children. When children click on one link, they can easily divert to other interlinks, which include violence and self-harm sites.

Objectionable applications led children to shame and bully. App connects such users who find happiness in self-inflicting and spreading violence. When teens are completely involved, they may commit suicide, and they don’t leave any clue behind such an act.

However, we have just exemplified one app!

How Can Parents Pay Attention To Their Child’s Digital Activities?

  • Communicate and listen to your kids:

The first thing the parents can do is to open the scope of communication. As per kid’s age and maturity level, your communication patterns should be changing. You cannot carry the same behavioral pattern when your toddler turns into teens. Parents need to behave wisely and friendly with teens.

Talk about the pros and cons of the internet and teach them online etiquettes. Make them comfortable and listen to their concerns. Let them feel relaxed and build trust so they can freely converse with you.

  • Educate yourself first:

How will you protect your child unless you are aware of online threats?

So stay updated about the trendy and latest applications and how they affect kid’s lives. 

You can easily find the information on search engines by entering text like – social media alerts and teenage trends. You can find a checklist of curated apps and its latest news, blogs, and articles.

  • Be the part of kids online activities:

Parents need to sign up for an account on which their kids are chatting and using sites like social media. You can create a fake account and send a friend request to the child and check their response.

Once added, observe the child’s posts, tags, friends list, etc. and take further actions.

  • Control and monitor the child’s digital movements:

Scrutinize kids’ internet use. Child monitoring app can help parents to control and monitor teen’s online tasks. 

Good parental control application will provide multiple benefits for child’s digital safety that includes:

  • Blocking harmful or malicious apps on the teen’s device
  • Setting the curfew hours on a child’s internet usage of multiple apps.
  • Intercepting their new downloads
  • Following their location by creating virtual boundaries
  • Alerting parents if kids are in danger
  • Finding the missing phone
  • Providing indirect control of kids device using specific tools
  • Generating reports of child’s online movements, etc.

You can set mutual (with your kids) guidelines using screen time control apps regarding privacy settings, friends list, internet usage timings, and much more.

As nowadays, children are creating fake online profiles secretly from parents, make sure you monitor kids activities regularly and keep a watch on their social media accounts. 

Few restrictions are mandatory when the child grows and demonstrates responsibility and maturity.

No need to ground your children, but imposing reasonable rules with kid’s safety apps will be sufficient to manage their digital lives.

Stay vigilant with one of the most trusted parental controls – Bit Guardian Parental Control application for complete online security of your child. You can install the app from the play store.

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