5 Creative Ways To Hang Poster Without Frame

Hanging posters is a child’s play. If you are thinking along the same line, then think again. Posters can be a part of the visual impression of any place. So, when you are thinking of perking up the decor of your home but you don’t want to paint the walls, then hanging posters can completely change the place and how it looks. Now, if you are wondering what you have to do, hang them or paste them on the wall, you can think of different creative ways to put these posters up in your home.

When it comes to hanging posters, pasting it on the wall must not be the only option. Rather, when you are thinking of making it look stunning, think of other creative ways to hang posters on the wall. So, here, in the following points, I am going to tell you about how you can think of hanging the posters that will make your home look stunning and the posters appear quirkier. Take a look at the following points to know more.

Use It as Bookends

Maybe you are not much of a big fan of pasting posters on the wall. Maybe you are looking for a different and new way to display the poster. For that, you can think of using it as a bookend on your bookshelves. Just frame the poster and that’s it. You don’t need to hammer a nail on the wall. Place the framed poster and it will give the books the necessary support to stay upright.

Use Pant Hangers

Do you like a neat and clean look without the spots that the adhesive leaves on the wall? If yes, then you can use the pant hangers for hanging the posters. When you are looking for ways to know how to hang posters in your home, using pant hangers can be a great way to make it clean and tidy. This way hanging posters will be much easier. And in fact, you can change the posters regularly and more easily. If you have some colorful hangers or wooden ones, then it will create a stunning quirky look in your home with the posters.

Exam Clip Board

When you are looking for ways to hang posters without frame, this idea can be a super one for you. Get your hands on some wooden exam clipboards of the same size. Now, all you have to do is to hammer a few nails on the wall. Use the drill to do that in the neatest way possible. Now, choose the right wall where you want to display the posters. It can be the big blank wall in your bedroom or the wall beside the staircase. Now, hang the posters on those exam clipboards. This is the with messages and slogans. The poster size needs to be small.

Clothes Line

Use a clothesline on the wall of the room. First drill two nails at two sides of the wall. Now, hang the clothesline from one nail to the other. Now, the next thing which you have to do is simply hang the posters with the clips on the line. This can create a modern minimal look in your home and room.



Thin Rope or Twine

Do you have a big poster with some really amazing graphics on it and you want to give it the place of pride in your room? Attach two wooden sticks at the top and the bottom. Now, use a role or twine to hang the poster on the wall.


So, now as you know how you can hang posters in a more creative way rather than just pasting it, what are you waiting for? Use these ideas and create a quirky look.


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