5 Best Tech You’ve Never Heard Of

Digitization has enforced the life of a “smart” everything around us. This began with the introduction of the first smartphone and has ever since then been a cascade into smartening every single object that we may interact with. You’re probably reading this on your smartphone right now, taking a break from watching YouTube on your smart TV, and adjusting the ambience of the room you’re in with smart LED bulbs.

This infiltration has certainly made lives significantly easier for most people. If all the products with the “smart” moniker are considered, it’s hard to argue for a life without them at this point. Perhaps this is down to a strong case of recency bias. Or just plain bone-idleness. Whatever the reason may be, the utility of smart devices cannot be ignored in the 21st century.

The Impact of Smart Devices

With the rise of the digital movement, accompanied by faster network speeds, the world has seen a shift in work and study philosophies. Add a global pandemic to the mix, and you end up with a revolution at your hands.

In-house work environments have all but been reserved for the most ardent of jobs where physical presence is required. The rest have moved to remote or a hybrid remote-office model. A survey by Slack found that 72% of people prefer the hybrid method of working, while 13% would always like to work from home. 

This trend has continued in the educational space as well with colleges and universities offering courses and degrees in a virtual environment. Not only has this enabled more people to study and work at the same time, but has also brought the additional benefit of reducing tuition fees for a great majority of students.

We’ve also seen an influx in the use of other smart gadgets like smartwatches, smart TVs, and other appliances. Everything from kitchen equipment to door locks and security systems can be automated to a great extent. So it is easy to see how the positive impact has shaped our modern world and will continue to do so for a good many years. Technology has become ingrained in our daily lives. But where it’s headed from here can be a tricky guess, even for the experts.

The future of technology and its use in our lives is a mystery from now, but judging from all the things that are currently in development, we can hazard a pretty good guess.

Today we’ll look at the 5 best pieces of technology that have us excited for the future like nothing else. Starting with:

#1: The Kisha Umbrella

After a flurry of smart devices, like smart locks, smartwatches, smart-weighing scales, etc., we can predict smart umbrellas to be the next big thing. Umbrellas have had a pretty steady development cycle. A large fabric made of water-resisting material (usually some form of plastic) is attached to a detachable metal frame that can be deployed in the event of a rainy day. Or a very sunny day too. But no one could’ve predicted what the next step would be for its evolution.

The Kisha umbrella envisages a future where most (if not all) of our tools are interconnected and can function intelligently. This umbrella in particular has a range of smart features that would make anyone want to have it on their Christmas wishlist. It connects via Bluetooth to any phone, is windproof, and can be tracked using a built-in GPS. This means you’ll never have to lose another umbrella ever again. What’s more is that the accompanying app would also notify you on days when rain is to be expected, to carry the umbrella with you.

#2: Energy-Gathering Garments

This entry on the list is borne straight out of science fiction. In a world where gadgets and e-waste are a constant point of contention for many, clothes that can generate electricity from our movements will be a reality.

These fabrics can then be fashioned into trousers, shirts, and dresses and will pick up electric signals when our bodies rub against them. These electric signals can then be stowed away for later use. Think, in the event of your phone’s battery running out, your clothes could provide the extra juice for a quick top-up. 

#3: Amazon Astro

We’re all familiar with Amazon’s Alexa range of smart devices. These devices have a built-in voice assistant that can help us find information over the web, or even help out with shopping by adding items to your Amazon cart. A truly revolutionary piece of kit in its own right. But Amazon kicked its robotic offerings up a notch and came up with the Amazon Astro.

The device is a real robot that you can purchase today and is designed for home security and helping out the elderly in a home. The robot learns the layout of your house too and can easily navigate from room to room. It can be summoned by a call and can even pick up small objects and bring them to you. And the best part is that you won’t have to worry about charging it either. The robot automatically detects when it needs to charge and makes its way to its charging station all by itself. 

#4: Remote Monitoring Apps

Apps that allow you to snoop on other people’s phones aren’t just an idea that is relegated to spy movies. These apps exist today and have incredible value too.

Parents use them to monitor their children’s online activities, and employers use them to safeguard their company assets. But while rudimentary versions of these apps have existed for a long time, a remote monitoring app in 2022 is leaps and bounds more impressive. 

These apps allow users to view all social media and instant messenger data. They can easily track calls and text messages, and can even listen in on live outgoing or incoming calls. Perhaps the most impressive features are their ability to track the location of the device too from anywhere in the world and that they can be used to remotely listen in to a device’s surroundings. These apps also provide all the downloaded multimedia information present on the phone or tablet and set them up in a downloadable format on secure servers.

#5: Neuralink

Elon Musk often finds his way into the news with his odd tweets or any new tech he would be developing. Neuralink is one such technology that has both enticed the imagination and divided opinions in one fell swoop. The tech involves implanting a physical device into our brains that will unlock the next stage of machine-human evolution.

While its present aim is to assist with brain functions that may not work normally, it isn’t too fanciful to imagine that once Neuralink is available for the general public, we won’t be using them as smartphone replacements. Snapchat messages and YouTube videos could then be incorporated with our thoughts and eyes. The possibilities are truly endless!

Some of the tech featured here is still reserved for the future or is under development. Others like the Astro, remote monitoring apps and the Kisha umbrella are available to consumers today. Let us know what other cool and unique pieces of technology we’ve missed in the comments below!

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