5 Best Cryptocurrencies To Add To Your Wallet This Year

The market of digital assets is gathering huge attention in the present-day world. Every other investor is showing a great interest in investing in Cryptocurrencies. Well, there are different reasons behind this. The first one is that almost no government regulation makes investing and transferring funds quite easy. To know more about the immediate edge Visit Official Website.

Also, the technology is present in the decentralization format making everything pretty easy for investors. Due to earning higher returns from Crypto, many investors are becoming millionaires within a few days. If you are thinking of adding some of these digital currencies to your wallet or investing in the same, try out these 5 coins. Let’s check the best 5 Cryptocurrencies to invest in this year!

The Top 5 Cryptocurrencies To Add To Your Wallet

There are wide ranges of options in this Crypto industry that are worth investing in! You can explore this realm and find suitable options according to your investment interest. Besides that, you can get one of your favourites among these 5 Cryptos present in this list! Check out the list to find out more about it.


This Blockchain network is pretty famous and you may have heard about it quite often. SOL is the native token of this network and holds a popular place in the market. It has a hefty market capitalization and you can be stress-free about the network’s security.

Also, this network now functions in the efficient PoS mechanism, making it a suitable investment option. Besides that, Solana uses a proof-of-history mechanism too, which helps make the system double-secured! This is the right time to add SOL to your digital wallet and earn high returns on the same!

Shiba Inu

Who does not know Shiba Inu, the famous dog-themed meme coin? Right after its release, the coin got pretty popular. As a meme coin, it is in the second position in popularity. And, just like its name, the coin is based on the Shiba Inu breed of dog. There is an ongoing rumour about this network launching Shibarium very soon.

This is a layer-2 of Blockchain that the company is building on layer-1 of the ETH network. With the help of this, Shiba Inu will become more secure and flexible. The generation of FinTech products will be easier for this network after creating Shibarium. You won’t regret investing in this coin this year!


cryptocurrency wallet
cryptocurrency wallet

Someone who has a vague knowledge of Cryptocurrencies might have heard the name Bitcoin. This was the first Crypto in the market and the major one to become way much more popular than any other coin! Back in 2009, when it was released in the market, its popularity never ceased.

This biggest Crypto in the world, in terms of market capitalization, Bitcoin will provide you with the best value. This is by far the best coin available in the industry and you are sure to get the best returns out of it. You can never go wrong with sharing investments in Bitcoin! To learn more about Bitcoin trading, log on to Bitcoin smart.


The crypto that you can rely on after BTC is Ethereum, as it holds the second position in the market. If you are searching for a reliable and secure option among the Blockchain networks, then this one’s for you! It is the base for many projects and smaller Cryptos which do not have their Blockchain networks.

Developers are also creating FinTech products and NFTs on this network. As this is a layer-1 network, Ethereum lets other projects use it as a base. To explore more on the region of digital assets, add this Crypto to your list for this fresh year!

Big Eyes Coin

This meme coin is a new addition to the market and is at the presale stage. But, within this presale stage, it has been able to collect a total sum of 18 million USD! As soon as it hits the amount of 51 million USD, the creators will release it! This is a good opportunity to get the coin in the presale stage at lower rates and earn better returns later!


As the crypto space took its strong position in the market, this hype is sure to stay. Apart from that, there may be some changes in the rules or ways of functioning in these coins. But, these 5 coins are worth trying in 2023!

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