3 Things to Know Before Buying Floor Scrubber

Cleanliness is one of the most important factors in our daily life. When a person doesn’t bathe for a week, he begins to smell and look dirty. The signs of bad cleaning habits are visible with ease. Similarly, cleaning applies to spaces where one lives and stays. Their reaction to being dirty is also the same. They begin to smell and look ragged. For which, in our modern times, technology has developed many tools to ease cleaning. Floor Scrubbers are one of these, and this article will inform you about buying Floor Scrubber for sale

Though these may be a recent invention, floor scrubbers have gained popularity for their efficiency. This thorough article presents the things that you need to know when there are floor scrubbers for sale. From its functions to benefits and features, this article will educate the reader about them so that they can decide what floor scrubber they need.

What is a Floor Scrubber?

Like the countless cleaning tools and equipment developed with modern science for the ease of man’s work, Floor Scrubber is a piece of cleaning equipment for the floor. The simplest versions include its predecessors, such as a floor mop or the floor brush. But with time, even these got updated to electric means of power. To clean the floor, these machines inject water with cleaning solutions and spray it on the floor. It is then scrubbed on the floor with its attachment of brush, and as it moves forward, it lifts off the residue from the floor like a vacuum cleaner. For this reason, they are considered to handle the tasks of more than one machine. Their evolution has now reached on to being automatic because as the technology progresses, robotic floor scrubbers are made available as well.

Types of Floor Scrubbers

Although the industrial competition and consumer demand had created space for more than two types, these remain the baseline for categorizing the floor scrubbers. The two types of scrubbers are Walk-Behind Scrubbers and Ride-On Scrubbers.

Walk-Behind Scrubbers

These floor scrubbers tell their functions from their name itself. Their way of functioning is that of a vacuum cleaner, standing behind the machine and pushing it around to clean where it’s put.

These scrubbers are available in many various sizes. The smallest one can just be the size of a lawnmower and the largest one, as big as a large vacuum cleaner. One can find these scrubbers suitable for use in commercial businesses, like offices, hotels, and retail stores.

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Ride-On Scrubbers

Although the Walk-Behind Scrubbers are the popular choice as they are efficient for small spaces, these Ride-On Scrubbers are fit for large spaces. They similarly clean the floor, but their main difference is that one has to sit on the scrubber while cleaning the floor. This is the easier choice, as opposed to pushing the scrubber. But these are too large and, therefore, only found in large warehouses and factories to clean.

What to Look For When Buying a Floor Scrubber For Sale

Below are three things that we believe you should definitely check before buying a floor scrubber. If you have anything else in mind feel free to comment below.


This is the most basic aspect that one has to care about, as it can have a large impact if ignored. The size of the scrubber should be appropriate for the size of the cleaning place.


Like most electronic machines, these scrubbers also make noise when functioning. But one has to be careful of the noise produced by a certain scrubber when buying. Loud Scrubbers can be irritating to use.

Power Source

Ideally, one checks the power source of their scrubber, as it also affects its maneuverability. Battery-powered scrubbers are easier to maneuver as there is no cord stopping them from moving around. Corded scrubbers can be powerful in the case of Walk-Behind Scrubbers, but Ride-On Scrubbers are powered the same way as a car.

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