What is the colour of mirror and why fire doesn’t have a shadow ?

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What is the color of the mirror – A human eye can differentiate 10 million different colors but it’s hard to imagine the mirror as it is not white or silver. It is actually the color of whatever is reflected onto it. The perfect mirror reflects all images in the exact opposite direction (angle of reflection) and distance. So the color of the mirror may be kind of smart white.

But, we live in a real world where there is no perfect mirror. Every real mirror absorbs a very tiny amount of light. In particular, it best reflects light within the 510-nanometer range, which is the spectrum of visible green light. So technically, your mirror is titchy green.

Why fire doesn’t have a shadow – The main reason why the flame has no shadow is that the flame itself is a source of light. A shadow is the surface area which is less bright than its surroundings because something is blocking light partially or fully from that area. Therefore, a shadow is nothing but a darker area with the absence of light. If the light source behind the flame is brighter than the flame, then the flame would cast a shadow. However, it’s usually not possible because the fire in itself is the brightest source of light and also because the flame is transparent to some extent.

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